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George Smythe spills his blood for The Cause before he has a conscious thought as to either its true nature or his role as its leader in the distant future. His mortal and immortal enemy nearly slays him whilst he’s on holiday in Mexico touring pre-Columbian archaeological sites. The Nagual shaman who rescues him from death realizes his potential to wield Puramore for the thirteenth and last time as he brings him back to life. 


General Sir George Smythe, Team Alpha, Juan and their quantum computer battle Wingtip, an avatar of China's first emperor, and spirit forces at his command to turn the tide of mankind's survival dilemma decidedly in their favour. In order to prevail against their mortal and immortal foe, they marshal all the intellectual resources at their disposal to overcome Wingtip's spiritual advantage. Time is of the essence since their foe is on the brink of delivering the final coup d'état to mankind.


In the end, only the wielder of Puramore possesses an advantage over humanity's ancient nemesis. Will George Smythe prove himself worthy to acquire the Sword of Destiny?

Latest News
12 August 2014
INGRAM SPARK approves title for worldwide printing and distribution. 
7 January 2016
The Patricians seeks donations through GoFundMe to fund innovative software design and build-out of dedicated web site.

13 November 2017
Black Maven interviews Steven Wood Collins to discuss issues of interest surrounding Puramore and The Patricians blog. 

22 October 2020
Title garners Barnes&Noble's editorial imprimatur. All editions available for online ordering on website.

28 June 2021
Author publishes eBook edition of The Patricians, A Genealogical Study . Now available in Publisher Direct bookstore as well as through most online book retailers.

"Siegfried" - EXCALIBUR Richard Wagner

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Jerusalem: The Emanation of the Giant Albion
              by William Blake, part 1 of 8
Bertrand Russell's Advice for Future Generations


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         A Science Fiction Novel by


“I do not believe that I am dreaming yet I can not prove that I am not.”

                                                      -  Bertrand Russell

             “The imagination is not a state: it is the human existence itself.”

                                                         -  William Blake

                 "I could see the past, present and future all at the same time"

                                    Nikola Tesla's Time Travel Experience

“This is an intriguing blend of political power and spirituality, especially with the ancient Egyptians as a parallel to Smythe and his military position. Aguila's rescue as a spirit guide, along with Smythe's natural desire to keep such an experience private, gives an underpinning to his other international contacts. And the Ancient Order suggests that there might be a connection to all of these. I like archaeological stories yet this is working all of that into a present human mission, it seems.”

-Katherine Holmes, Barnes & Noble reviewer​